Title Guide Policy        


Do'sDon't' s
Adhere by style guides - in all cases, title should always start with brand name.Don't provide inaccurate, misleading, or irrelevant information in the title from brand infringement perspective such as competitor product or author name. Providing misleading or irrelevant information is against Fashood policy; your listing will be removed and your account will be suspended.
Don't provide excessively long content that is not in adherence to style guides. Titles cannot be greater than 200 characters e.g. Sarees (Women's Clothing Sarees for women latest designer wear Sarees collection in latest Sarees with designer Blouse Piece free size beautiful bollywood Sarees for women party wear offer designer Sarees with Blouse piece)
Don't provide one word character in title e.g. Sarees, Iphone 6s
Don't provide abusive keywords in title e.g. Bollywood Sarees, Designer Sarees, celebrity names, offensive words in title that might hurt Indian sentiments
Don't provide repetitive information in the title. e.g. same title containing Ladies Handbag,handbags for women
Don't include promotional terms in the title. e.g., “new,” “on sale,” “available now”,"Valentine day`s gift","Rakhi gift for sisters,brothers". There should not be any seller`s contact number/email id in the title. "Price" should not be mentioned in the title.
Don't provide special characters such as dots or brackets. It won't improve your product placement in search results e.g.SAREES…..(CHIKU-PATTA-62)
Don't include common misspellings of the product name. Fashood's search engine compensates for common customer misspellings and also offers corrective suggestions.
Don't provide variants of spacing, punctuation, capitalisation, and pluralisation (“80GB” and “80 GB”, “computer” and “computers”, etc.). Our search engine automatically includes different case forms, word forms and spelling variants for searching.