Selling on Fashood Fee Schedule        



Fashood has a simple and transparent fee structure for sellers with no hidden charges. To sell on, you pay Referral Fees and Closing Fees. There are  no separate listing fees, payment collection fees and subscription fees. We will only charge when you make a sale. 


Referral fees


Sellers pay a referral fee on each item sold.


For all products, a percentage of the total sales price that is paid by the buyer (including the item price, any shipping or gift-wrap charges charged by the seller) is deducted as a referral fee.


CategoryStandard Rate

7.0% for item price <= INR 1000


13.0% for item price > INR                1000
Video Games7.00%
Video Games - Consoles7.00%
Video Games - Accessories10.00%
Software products11.50%
ConsumablesPet products

6.5% for item price <=250


11% for item price >250

Beauty products4.00%
Beauty- Fragrance

7.5% for item price <=250


12.5% for item price >250

Luxury Beauty9.00%
Health and Personal Care (HPC)11.00%
HPC - Medical Equipment & Contact Lens6.50%
HPC - Nutrition9.00%
HPC - Household Supplies, Personal Care and Ayurveda4.00%
Personal Care Appliances (Grooming and styling)9.50%
Personal Care Appliances (excl. Grooming and styling)7.50%
Baby Products6.00%
Grocery and Gourmet4.00%

13% for item price <= 300


 17% for item price > 300

Apparel Accessories17.00%
Apparel - Innerwear12.00%
Apparel - Sleepwear12.00%
Flip Flops and Slippers10.50%
Fashion Sandals10.50%
Kids footwear10.50%
Luggage- Suitcase and Trolleys7.00%
Luggage- Travel Accessories9.00%
Luggage (other subcategories)5.50%
Fashion Jewellery21.50%
Silver Jewellery8.00%
Silver Coins and Bars2.00%
Fine Jewellery (unstudded and solitaire)5.00%
Fine Jewellery (studded)8.00%
Fine Jewellery (Gold Coins)2.00%
Other HardlineKitchen- Non Appliances

5% for item price <= 300


11.5% for item price > 300

Gas Stoves and Pressure Cookers7.00%
Glassware and Ceramic ware7.00%
Small Appliances5.50%
Wall Art12.50%
Home Fragrance and Candles10.50%
Home furnishing

6% for item price <=250


11% for item price >250

Carpet and Apron

6% for item price <=250


11% for item price >250

Bedsheets, Blankets and covers9.00%
Home improvement accessories

6.5% for item price <=250


11.5% for item price >250

Home improvement (excl. accessories)8.00%
Ladders, Home security systems, Kitchen and Bath fixtures5.00%
Home Storage

8% for item price <=250


12% for item price >250

Home - Other Subcategories16.50%
Craft Materials7.50%
Lawn & Garden- Solar devices5.00%
Lawn & Garden- Chemical pest control4.00%
Lawn & Garden- Outdoor Equipments5.00%
Lawn & Garden- Other subcategories

10.00% for item price <= 15000


5.00% for item price > 15000

Indoor Lighting (except LED bulbs and battens)13.50%
LED Bulbs and Battens7.00%
Automotive - Other Subcategories18.00%
Automotive - Tyres and Rims5.00%
Automotive - Lubricants, Car Parts and Helmets, Vehicle Care and Tools6.50%
Automotive Accessories13.00%
Automotive Vehicle2.00%
Large Appliances Accessories11.00%
Large Appliances – Chimneys6.50%
Large Appliances (excl. Accessories and Chimneys)4.50%

13.00% for item price <= 15000


10.00% for item price > 15000

Bean Bags and Inflatables10.00%
Business & Scientific Supplies

11.50% for item price <= 15000


5.00% for item price > 15000

Industrial Supplies

8.00% for item price <= 15000


5.00% for item price > 15000

BISS (Food Equipment, Material Handling, Professional cleaning, Medical and                Healthcare supplies)5.00%
Gym equipments9.00%
Sports- Cricket and Badminton Equipments6.00%
Tennis, Table Tennis and Squash6.00%
Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Throwball6.00%
Sports & Outdoors (excl. Cricket and Badminton Equipments)

9% for item price <=250


14% for item price >250

Office Products7.00%
Musical Instruments - Guitars7.50%
Musical Instruments - Keyboards5.00%
Musical Instruments (excluding Guitars and Keyboards)7.50%
Consumable Physical Gift Card5.00%
Sports Collectibles

13% for item price <= 300


17% for item price >300

Entertainment Collectibles

13% for item price <= 300


17% for item price >300

Coins Collectibles15.00%
Fine Art20.00%
CE/PC/WirelessMobile Phones & Tablets (including Graphic Tablets)5.00%
Scanners and Printers8.00%
PC Components (RAM, Motherboards)7.00%
Laptop Battery14.00%
Laptops Bags & Sleeves7.00%
USB flash drives (Pen Drives)16.00%
Hard Disks8.50%
Kindle Accessories25.00%
Memory Cards12.00%
Modems & networking devices14.00%
Car Electronics Devices5.50%
Electronic Devices (except TV, Camera & Camcorder, Camera Lenses and                Accessories, GPS Devices, Speakers)8.50%
Camera and Camcorder5.00%
Camera Lenses7.00%
Camera Accessories11.00%
GPS Devices13.50%
Headsets, Headphones and Earphones14.00%
Keyboards and Mouse16.00%
Power Banks18.00%
Accessories - Electronics, PC and Wireless16.50%
Cases/Cover/Skin/Screen guard

17% for item price <= 300


24% for item price > 300

Cables - Electronics, PC, Wireless20.00%
Warranty Services38.00%
   Note: All claims for incorrect referral fee        must be notified to Fashood in writing within thirty calendar days of the order being        shipped. If no such claim is filed within the prescribed timeline, the referral fee charged        will be deemed correct and accepted by the sellers. No claim filed after the expiry of this        timeline will be entertained and Fashood will not be liable for any claims brought / damages        suffered by the sellers.


   Closing    fees


You pay a fixed closing fee based on the item price that is paid by the buyer      (including any shipping or gift-wrap charges charged by the seller). The fixed closing fee to      be paid is calculated below:


Cancellation charge


You will be charged 100% of referral fee (if cancelled on or before ESD) / 150% of referral      fee (if cancelled after ESD) of the value of items in an order as a Cancellation Charge for      seller-fulfilled orders that are cancelled under the following scenarios: 

  1. Order is cancelled by seller for any reason other        than buyer request. (Only cancellations requested by buyers through the website        are considered buyer-requested cancellations and will be exempt from the Cancellation        Charge.)
  3. Order is cancelled automatically by Fashood        because the seller has not shipped and confirmed shipping of the order within 24 hours of        Estimated Ship Date.
   Note: All fees are exclusive of 18% Goods and      Services Tax (GST). To ensure that you are charged the correct referral fee, you will need to      categorize your items as precisely as possible when you list them on the website.      Categorisation of products is subject to Fashood's sole discretion.

High-Volume Listing Fee


The fee will be calculated and charged monthly and shown in the next month's statement.


We will be charging a monthly High-Volume Listing Fee ("HVLF") of INR 0.5 per      active non-media ASIN listings beyond a listing of 2,000,000 ASIN's effective July 1, 2019. Do      note that HVLF will be charged for your non-media ASIN listings only. For more details, 

Examples of referral fee calculations


Media products 


Example: Books (INR 149) [Category: Book] [Channel: Easy Ship]

                                                                                                                                                                  Fees Fees (INR)
 Referral Fee (7%) 10.43 
 Closing Fee (Price< INR 250) 2.00
 Total Fee Charged (excl. GST) 12.43
 GST (18%) 2.23

Examples for other products


 Example: Laptops (INR 50000) [Category: Laptops] [Channel: Self Ship]

                                                                                                                                                            Fees Fees (INR)
 Referral Fee (5%) 2500
 Closing Fee (Self Ship Order) 59
 Total Fee Charged (excl. GST) 2559
 GST (18%) 460.62